Students in the Advanced Photography & Filmmaking course pursue a highly personal curriculum they develop in tandem with the instructor, each setting their own goals for a course that will lead many to the end of their high school creative career and into a creative arts university program.  Students in the course further their education in contemporary art history and theory, while developing portfolios of work that revolve around in depth series that explore complex ideas and making practices.  Students also pursue an education into the practical and community concerns working artists encounter in their careers through field trips to local galleries and arts institutions, meetings with visiting artists, and class discussions that expose the student to the various methods artists use to sustain their practices and careers.

Students planning to apply to a creative arts university program may also join a portfolio club that walks them through the complex process of applying to some of the nations most prestigious universities.  Students in this course have access to all of the same technologies and photography & film equipment as do the new media art classes, plus more experimental and professional tools such as 3D printers, full frame digital cameras, large format printers, and experimental papers.

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