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Art History A transports students back in time through the drawing, painting and architecture of ancient cultures, from Paleolithic cave paintings to Gothic Cathedrals. The study of ancient art serves as a window into the past. There is no more reliable way to understand lost cultures than through the contemplation of their creations. Discerning significance and relevance of art to the lost cultures or distant societies that created it is a continual focus of the class. Students examine shifts and trends in art and architecture and correlate them with events from history. Stories that are more fantastic than fiction make the art come alive. Art is even more wondrous when we study the factors that surround the creation of such marvels as Stonehenge, the Egyptian pyramids, Minoan frescoes or Greek sculpture. The art history student is more intimately connected to the world and better equipped to fully appreciate travel and museum experiences.


This class was created for students who foster a love of art and wish to have a greater understanding of art movements, styles, and the passion that motivates artists. Every painting tells a story but we sometimes we need a little background information to appreciate that story! Art History B students travel from the Italian Renaissance through the eras, movements, genres, isms and styles to Picasso. Lovers of contemporary art will enjoy this course, but it is also beneficial to the student who hopes to more fully understand art and the various motivators for art. Greater appreciation of formerly alien styles of art is engendered through study of the culture, religion, historical events and personal experiences that inspired artists to try something new or controversial. This class is guaranteed to enrich the student’s next museum or gallery experience. Students may take Art History B without previously taking Art History A.

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